Aston Martin DB5 in The Car Hotel's storage barn
Aston Martin DB5 tucked away for storage
Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta (front wing with aero)
Moto Morini - a beautiful classic Italian motorbike
Aston Martin DB5 in a full storage barn at The Car Hotel
Mercedes AMG steering wheel at The Car Hotel
Aston martin in the storage barn at The Car Hotel
Moto Morini handlebars and clocks
Specialist Vehicle Preservation and Care
Ferrari in The Car Hotel Storage Barn
Perfect Conditions for Vehicle Preservation
Your vehicle couldn't be in safer hands
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The Car Hotel is a first-class vehicle storage and care facility built in 2019

Perfect conditions to preserve any treasured vehicle; providing specialist care for your car or motorcycle.

'Cars and motorcycles and looking after them has always been a real passion, so you can be assured that The Car Hotel is run with the utmost care and attention to detail.'

About us

I grew up in a car obsessed family. My father was heavily involved in motor racing with his F5000 team in the 70’s and BTCC in early 2000’s and a well-known BRDC member and classic and sports car collector, my mother a true petrol head always owning cars I coveted as a boy. It rubbed off, today I am a classic and sports car fanatic and competitor in a classic motor racing series. Cars and motorcycles and looking after and driving them has always been my real passion, so you can be assured that The Car Hotel is run with the utmost care and attention to detail and any car or motorcycle that is in my care is treated as if it were my own. Having established, owned and operated a well-known multisite food service brand in central London for 19 years, I have also learned what good customer service and operational detail is about.


The Car Hotel's Founder, Alex Heynes
Aston Martin DB5 on The Car Hotel's exercising circuit

Located in the beautiful North Cotswolds

The Car Hotel is situated within the grounds of our family home and completely out of sight from any public area. Our fully insulated buildings are highly secure, dehumidified & air circulated, designed & built entirely for specialist vehicle preservation and care.

The Car Hotel was established around an inherent lifelong passion for just about any classic or modern car or motorcycle, with a huge amount of experience in transporting, storing and preserving specialist cars, we are very serious about hosting yours and it will be cherished as if it was our own.

As the name implies, The Car Hotel is a provider of luxury car and motorcycle accommodation and concierge services.


The Car Hotel Concierge service offers any assistance you may need for your vehicle while it is in our care, be it UK & European vehicle transportation, MOT testing, valeting and detailing, to parts sourcing or project management of restoration and repair work.

In a world that relies upon trust and relationships, we take pride in offering a professional, enthusiastic, and friendly service allowing our clients complete ownership freedom and peace of mind.


Insulated, climate controlled, dust free storage buildings. A choice of three active storage 'room' levels to suit you and your vehicle. Fully equipped and insulated vehicle care studio with maintenance car lift and bright lighting. Dedicated vehicle wash bay. Experienced in transporting classic & race cars across UK and Europe.


The Car Hotel facility employs the highest level of the latest security technology. Full external & internal lapsed HD monitoring & recording CCTV with ANPR, Grade 4 DualCom security system (with secondary back up system) directly linked to police and local security team response backed up by Master Blaster klaxons & Fog Bandit security fogging. Reinforced security bollards at all vehicle entrances, high level LED security lighting and alarmed security gates at facility entrance. The facility has no windows or sky-lights and the site has 24 hour attendance. Vehicles can be fitted with one of our concealed GPS tracking devices at customer request.

Detailing – Polishing a door at The Car Hotel
New and old Aston Martin in the storage barn at The Car Hotel
High-tech CCTV security system at The Car Hotel

Discover our own 750 metre purpose built tarmac circuit

Unique to The Car Hotel, we have our own on site 750 metre purpose built tarmac circuit for vehicle exercising if required, avoiding the risks of stone chips or worse out on the public road.

We have our own fully equipped vehicle care workshop, where your vehicle can be detailed to any level by our in-house award winning certified detailer, or minor repairs and corrections carried out by specialists.

Premium car hotel and concierge services.

Aston martin in the storage barn at The Car Hotel
  • Secure, private and discreet purpose-built facility
  • Dehumidified and air-circulated, fully insulated, zero UV light
  • Three defined storage 'room' levels to suit your requirements
  • Automotive spa facility for onsite valeting and detailing
  • Workshop for light maintenance work or specialist repair work
  • Private 750 meter newly laid tarmac circuit for vehicle ‘exercising’
  • Transportation service – UK and worldwide
  • TCH Concierge Service - we will arrange anything required 
  • 24/7/365 onsite attendance and comprehensive CCTV throughout
  • Grade 4 DualCom security system, direct police and local security team response
  • Fully insured up to £2m per car for storage & transportation
  • Stay in one of our three luxury holiday cottages
  • Beautiful rural location
  • Four star leaded petrol available for historic vehicles, 2 miles away