Frequently Asked Questions

ANSWERS TO THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Please Get in touch if you have a question and cannot find an answer.

Does the value of my vehicle make a difference to anything?

The value of your vehicle makes no difference to how we look after it, or the price of your storage package for cars valued up to £100,000.

If its value exceeds £100,000, we pass on a small pro rata based insurance charge for the extra insurance cover.  Please ask us for a copy of the cost schedule.

Can you collect / deliver my vehicle?

Yes. We operate an in-house collection and delivery service using our enclosed car transporter for the UK/Europe. We work with our trusted specialist vehicle transporters for transportation outside the UK/Europe.

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Can I arrange delivery or drive my vehicle to The Car Hotel myself?

Of course, we can even drop you at the local train station or assist with ongoing transport.

Can I park my everyday car or motorcycle somewhere?

We have secure parking for your car while you are out with your ‘guest’ car.

Why do you leave a CTEK battery conditioner connected all the time?

We only use CTEK devices which we swear by. It’s an intelligent microprocessor controlled 7 stage battery charger and health maintainer. It has selectable programs for use on different sized batteries and special programs for de-sulphating which increases the life of your battery.  It also has a patented float/pulse system, which is the most efficient maintenance mode for your vehicle while it is with us, it is designed for permanent connection so doesn’t over charge the battery but keeps it fully conditioned. They can even give old dead batteries a new lease of life!

Who provides the vehicle cover, drip trays and CTEK battery conditioner?

We provide everything within the monthly storage fee.  All our appliances are PAT tested as required.

Why would my vehicle need to be warmed up or 'exercised’ during the storage period?

Cars hate being left static, particularly the engines which can literally dry out causing all sorts of expensive issues further down the line when it is eventually run.
'Room' 2 and 3 storage packages mitigates these risks for medium - long term storage, and is really a vital preventive measure to keep everything working as it should. The monthly engine start up and reaching operating temperature lubricates all the internal components, piston rings and seals, keeps the belts, pulleys and hoses flexible, and keeps the fuel system fresh to avoid varnish build up. For 'Room' 3, gently driving your vehicle on our private 750 meter smooth tarmac circuit keeps the brakes calipers / drums, clutch, gearbox and steering rack from seizing up and preventing future issues. We also run all the ancillary functions of the vehicle such as sunroofs & window motors, wipers, mirrors, pop up lights etc., to keep them moving. We check levels and gauges and note any anomalies. It’s also important to run the air-conditioning to lubricate seals and the pump.

How do you dehumidify the storage facility?

We use large commercial grade desiccant dehumidifiers that keep humidity to 60% or below.  If we didn’t use these machines, humidity could rise to around 80% at certain times of the year, which is the point that you may see rust formation on brake discs.  These machines also provide a bit of heat which is an added benefit.

Why do you circulate the air in the storage facility, and why don’t I need a ‘bubble’ airflow chamber to store my vehicle in?

We have large HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) fans to keep the air circulating all the time in all parts of the buildings, this helps destratify the air temperature and keep the humidity throughout the building consistent, and so helps the dehumidifiers work as efficiently as possible.

The environment within our buildings is fully dehumidified, on top of this, the HVLS air circulator fans do the same job as an airflow chamber (keeping air moving and humidity levels consistent throughout) – so our buildings are just like a giant ‘bubble’ air chamber in itself, but even better as dehumidified as well.

Why is your storage facility insulated?

This not only seals the facility from moist air from outside entering the building, but mainly prevents temperature fluctuation which causes condensation formation on cold metal surfaces. Only properly set up car storage facilities have insulated buildings, many don’t!

Will my vehicle be safe and secure?

Yes, to the absolute best of our efforts. We have a 24/365 ANPR CCTV system with internal and external cameras, also along the access to the facility.  Our grade 4 DualCom security system and panic buttons are directly linked to the police and a local quick response security team located 2 miles away.  We use Rhino© security bollards in front of all vehicle entrances, Fog Bandit© security fogging system and deafening Master Blaster© klaxons, external PIR security ligting and have alarmed security gated access.  We also live within close viewing distance of the facility.

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Do I need to insure my vehicle when it is at The Car Hotel?

Included within your storage cost, all vehicles are covered by our specialist insurance policy against the risks of fire, theft and malicious or accidental damage.  We still request that your vehicle is covered for fire & theft under your own policy, and your insurance company notified of the TCH address. It is legally required for a vehicle to be taxed, MOT’d (if applicable) and insured unless declared as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) with the DVLA (Drivers Vehicle Licensing Authority).

Our insurance (included in your cost package) covers vehicles valued up to £100,000. A small monthly pro rata surcharge is levied for vehicles valued in excess of £100,000.

Why do you not drive my vehicle on the public road?

Fortunately, we have our own newly laid tarmac 750m circuit with two 200m straits and a variety of corners which we exercise vehicles on both clockwise and anti-clockwise for even load on the vehicle. So, we avoid all the risks associated with taking our customers cars on public roads, including stone chipping, salt and of course the ‘other idiot’! It’s also far more discreet from a security aspect. Max speed on our circuit would be 40 – 50 mph in a modern car, if you would prefer to have your vehicle exercised at higher speeds, we would be happy to take it on the public road and we are fully insured to do so.

Can I use my vehicle during the storage period?

Of course.  Just give us 48 hours notice, but we will work around this if possible.

When can I collect or drop my vehicle off?

During normal business hours (8.30am – 6pm) Monday – Friday with 48 hours’ notice and booking of appointment time. Weekend / Bank Holiday access will be arranged if possible and by prior arrangement and an arrangement fee of £45.

Where can I stay if I need a local stop over?

We own and run four luxury self-catering cottages located in the same grounds as The Car Hotel and we’d be happy to have you stay in one of these for a minimum of three nights. No offense taken if you want to stay elsewhere, we can recommend the best nearby hotels, restaurants and pubs.

What do I need to do before checking my vehicle into The Car Hotel?

We will do pretty much all that is needing during our Check In process, however here are some things to think about:

  • Fill out our Booking Form fully and send to us before your storage date.
  • Let your insurance provider know that your car will be stored at The Car Hotel and make sure the policy is up to date.
  • Please leave the vehicle handbook with the car of you have one, a set of keys with any alarm fobs, the alloy locking wheel nut key, and operating details for tracking or other security devices fitted to your car.
  • If you have a spare set of keys, keep these with you.
  • Make sure you note any special requirements about your vehicle on the Booking Form
  • Please leave at least a ¼ tank of fuel in the tank, we can top up if needed at cost.
  • Take any personal possessions out of the car.

When are payments taken?

You can choose for the storage duration you would like to be invoiced for, otherwise we will send monthly invoices in advance.  Initial payment is required just before the check in date.

What's the best way to pay?

We accept payment by BACS, standing order, direct debit, online banking, cash or cheque.

Do I sign a contract before storing my vehicle?

Yes, this also ensures you agree to our T&C’s which are to ensure you get the services, standards and insurance cover we offer and provides both us, yourself and your vehicle with protection.

Do I have to read every word of the terms & conditions?

That’s up to you, there is nothing unusual in them and we will run through the key points prior to your vehicle’s stay with us.

Are there minimum or maximum storage periods?

The minimum stay is three months.  However, you can end your vehicle storage at anytime if you need as long as any due payments are settled.
There is no maximum stay. Storage can be open ended and ongoing.

Is there a notice period to end the storage term?

Vehicles can be permanently removed from storage at any time with 48 hours’ notice. The contract requires one-month notice following the initial three-month period.